Services & Prices

Why Assured Schooling? After 20 years working in London as Head of Marketing for various companies and then a Freelance Marketing Consultant, I didn’t think I would start an equine business! However, I have always had a passion for horses and I couldn't help myself! I was inspired to study, train and to take BHS examinations. As a natural progression from this, I developed 'Assured Schooling' in 2013 to help riders get the best out of their relationship with their horses. Whatever your goal is, I will work with your horse and with you towards your full potential, using relationship building as a foundation and then whatever is required in terms of basic flatwork, dressage and jumping.


Some thoughts...Proper and regular schooling of your horse develops a routine promoting discipline, attention, confidence, good paces, an understanding of the riders aids, muscle development and fitness to name some of many benefits.


My goal in the development of each horse is to work with the ‘Scales Of Training.’ Whatever your requirements, this training develops good rhythm, followed by developing suppleness, contact, impulsion from the hind quarters, straightness and even working towards collection. Sounds like a big mountain to climb?! Its a challenging, but very rewarding journey! Training along this path equips your horse athletically, promotes discipline and develops them technically towards your goals. Whatever those goals are, I will work with you to help you realise them. Competing becomes exciting if your goal takes you along that path! I am very happy to compete clients horses as part of their education.


You and your horse CAN reach your full potential!

My services include...
  Relationship Building
  Flatwork/Dressage Schooling
  Jump Schooling 
  Competing Clients Horses


 Private Lesson    : £25 / 45 minutes

 Semi private (2)  : £20 / 45 minutes
 Child private        : £20 / 30 minutes

 Child semi (2)      : £15 / 30 minutes

 Lunge Training    : £15 / 20 minutes

 If travel is over 10 miles, 30p per mile added. 

 24 Hrs cancellation notice is required.



"I have known Nina for many years and have watched her mature into a wonderful horsewoman. When Nina bought Faith, the mare was very green and had been charged over jumps. Over the 7 years Nina has had Faith, she has had incredible patience and determination to get her going in the right way. She was not an easy project and alot of people would have given up on her, but Nina has had such perseverance. It’s been amazing to see them develop into a harmonious team.


Nina can bring on a horse to a high standard and has ridden a few horses for me. Holly was very lazy and green. Nina rode Holly for a summer and Holly came on leaps and bounds and became forward going. Nina rode my horse Star who is very difficult with riders other than me. Star really played up but Nina just sat quietly, continued schooling talking to her the entire time and never got cross with her. She also schooled Fred, a green cob whom she got forward going and obedient to canter in lovely circles which he couldn't/wouldn’t do before.


I would recommend Nina. If you need effective schooling, Nina is the one to do it!"                          


Miranda Turner-Sterling