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I am a BHS Stage 3 Qualified Professional based in Gloucestershire.

I train riders and their horses in relationship building, flatwork, dressage and jumping.

My passion is to develop each horse and rider with patience and empathy using an holistic approach. This means looking at and understanding the whole relationship, past and present. I've worked with a variety of partnerships at different levels and different issues, successfully progressing their training. The beauty of this approach is gently and steadily repairing those issues. This produces greater harmony and positive development for horse and rider.

 I believe that with each small step forward, every horse and rider

can reach their full potential.

I cater for all levels and will work with you at your pace, to achieve steady and lasting progress. I am also happy to train and compete horses that I work with.

 ’Never despise the day of small beginnings’ - you CAN reach your goal!


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My Services Include

Relationship building //  Flatwork Schooling // Dressage Schooling // Jump Schooling // Competing Clients Horses

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Assured Schooling
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Assured Schooling
Assured Schooling
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"Nina is a very patient, quiet rider with a lovely way with horses. She has shown great determination, patience and dedication to her own challenging horse who many may have given up on years ago! The progress I have seen in Faith over the last 4 years is truly amazing and a true reflection of Nina's dedication.


Nina rode my own difficult horse Suzy, who was a typical thoroughbred and determined to fight with anyone who rode her! Nina got a feel for her very quickly and was very quiet in her approach which Suzy responded to very nicely. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone needing schooling or help with their horses." 


Nicki Marsh